FCSF Services

Foster Care Support Foundation provides free clothing and other basic care items to foster and displaced youth (ages newborn through teens) in every county in Georgia either by appointment or mail order.

Appointment/Mail Order Requests

Spring/Summer distribution is underway starting April 3rd and running through August 2019!

Request an appointment or mail order to receive free warm weather clothing for your foster and relative foster children. Foster Care Support also serves fictive kin and and grandchildren being raised by grandparents with no biological parents presently living in the home.

Click here to request a Spring/Summer appointment or mail order form.

If you receive a new placement before we begin distributing Spring/Summer but you need cold weather clothing for this child, please complete the registration above. Once completed, please either call (404-729-3374 or 770-280-7831) or email appt@fostercares.org the appointment desk to discuss obtaining this clothing before we begin our Spring/Summer distributions on April 3rd, 2019.

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